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Did you notice that you teenage children changed their usual behavior? They became nervous, they spend a lot of time in their room or outside, and they often talk on the cell-phone? Don’t worry prematurely! They may just be in love! And if it is true you have a reason to relax. Why? Because romantic love has positive influence on teens.

Teenagers in Love

Love affects people in every age. Not a long time ago the affect of love on teenagers was studied. According to this latest scientific research teenagers in love tend to do less crime. Young girls and boys who have romantic relations or are in love almost don’t mix up in crime and pernicious habits. At the same time those teens that have casual sex without being in love are more likely to get in trouble.


The results of this study were published in one of the latest issues of the American Sociological Review. The scientists UC Davis sociology professor Bill McCarthy and graduate student Teresa Casey used advanced statistical techniques and data drawn from the nationally representative Adolescent Health Survey.


romantic sexual relationships
It was found that teenagers who have romantic sexual relationships and those who don’t have sex are very unlikely to become substance abused or have been involved in criminal behavior. But teens having sexual relations without romantic feelings have much more chances to become criminals in comparison to their celibate fellows. Criminal behavior is observed 20% more among them. And substance use is 58% more.

There is a number of reasons for such results. One of them is that romantic love helps to fill the emptiness which people get in adolescence when parental control is weak but responsibility and self-control are not so powerful yet.


Teenagers romantic love


So if you are a parent of a teenager do not try to tell him or her that they are too young for a romantic relationship. Being in love may save you child from criminal behavior and absence abuse.


Author: Maria Petrova

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