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1. You would better to be clear, smell with aftershave and good perfume.

2. You must not to be late. So get out of your home beforehand.

3. Let your lady go through the door before you. It will gain score to you.

4. You should to have enough money always for paying the dating for yourself and for your lady. In case if your partner wants to pay for herself (and prefers you to pay for yourself), it better to agree.

5. Never put your arms crossed on your chest – it symbolizes tedium. Even if your feel tedium – behave yourself in your hands.

6. You have to look in the eyes of your date dating partner. If your talk about something and if you listen too.

7. You have to be ready for the date – learn information about your dating partner, know about his interests and preferences.

8. You would better not to drink any alcohol on your first dating.

9. If you are a man - of course, you have to talk pleasant things to your dating lady. But don’t be overdiligent. Two or three times for the dating – is more than enough.

10. Do not use your mobile phone. It better to turn it off, actually.

11. If you are female – say about you enjoyed the date (if that so, of course) very carefully.

12. If you are male – offer your lady to meet again (if you have fun, of course), do not wait.

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