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Taurus datingTaurus by himself likes feeling of safety and comfort, but he cannot reach it alone. Taurus is afraid to stick in psychological dead end often; it this case Taurus star also needs help. But this zodiac sign is really active and energetic, he prefers handle the situation in communication process. Taurus will be happy if the person that is near him will know what do people think and feel, can explain this exactly and in detail.

If Taurus will be just alone – he can get in the trap of real values, it means material. And it will be lucky if there will be someone near Taurus, someone who does for Taurus; he will help him to acquire spiritual values.

Actually, Taurus is an after-Venus sign, so he is used to enjoy his life and life of his partner. Also, constancy makes Taurus is the best partner for marriage and he prefers to distract his partner from egoistical life-style and put the things around him and his family.



Taurus and Aries.


This is very dangerous fighting couple; at least, it can be so, in case of the components of this couple are incapable or don’t want to understand each other, fathom into thoughts of partner. Taurus requires a lot of time to decide something, and Aries, in vice versa, needs to move all the time, so they can annoy each other as you can see. They two have to accept the speed of making some actions, Aries – very high speed and Taurus – low speed; only in that case they two will be co-exist in complete comfort. Taurus has to make life of Aries more diverse, make Aries to feel desired and beloved. In bedroom they both prefer creative way, but Aries prefers to make it and Taurus just enjoys with Aries’ creative. But Taurus has to find out something creative too for make Aries’ interest.


Taurus and Taurus.


It is a good pair. The most important thing for them is to be situated in familiar place, in their own territory. Leave this territory is very undesirable for both Taurus. This territory can be their home, their place or their emotional space. Another thing is the Taurus is really slow and he doesn’t aspires for putting everything in order, so a lot of things can be leaved in rush. Until another Taurus does that by himself. Taurus is the person of material world, they like material values basically and like to rest by material way. As for sexual relationship, they prefer get emotional enjoyment, but there will be more happiness if they will search for more diversity in their usual sexual life. Efforts that one Taurus makes for another are the one of the most important things for both.


Taurus and Gemini.


This is not the best union. Gemini will see in partner the powerful tyrant. Taurus will see in Gemini windy person, who is really incapable for significant decisions, by-turn. As we noticed before, Taurus prefers to put everything in order, and it is better if there is more of order. That is about rush people too. Gemini values personal freedom in their relationship very high. So mutual tries for being each other happy can be turned to mutual offence. The key to everything in this situation is to understand and accept that each other needs and trying to balance it by own actions. These affirmations are right in sexual life of Taurus and Gemini too. Gemini will start as he wants and Taurus will search for new sexual experiments as well.


Taurus and Cancer.


It is a very lucky pair. Their needs are coincide; it means that Cancer as usual needs person just like Taurus that is person, who will offer protection and comfortable life. Taurus is ready to be tamed, in-turn. It is very important for Cancer to be in love and become beloved with the sweetest feelings and Taurus significantly cares about his material needs as well. Taurus is not always tolerant to Cancer’s emotions can cause fights. Or it can be if Taurus doesn’t care for Cancer’s feelings and etc. If the Taurus and Cancer couple will try to balance streaks of each other, then it will be all right, and their co-existence can continue for a long time. Cancer will help Taurus to get sexual enjoyment from emotional level, and Taurus will teach Cancer physical pleasure.


Taurus and Leo.


These persons are not similar. But relationship that they can build can be very strong and long. Leo is really apprehensible person with tender feelings and Taurus can get him down a little, so there can be conflicts. Taurus prefers to accumulate that he owns, and this streak can annoy Leo, so there can be another fights and quarrels. Fights about money will be the hardest fights, and this couple have to try see the cases by similar way for keeping peace, in spite of it will takes a lot of time. Leo is much faster than Taurus, that will save this couple from the most of quarrels. As for sexual contact, Leo is more explosive than Taurus, so it will bring enjoyment to Taurus, and Leo will enjoy Taurus’ tender love behavior.


Taurus and Virgo.


Taurus and Virgo stars just need to care about each other, learn to understand partner’s thoughts, and this couple can become the best from others. The interests of them both are similar material, they can discuss on practical issues. When they fell in love, they are very explosive at first, but then get cool down a little and live with rest and tender. They both relate to each other with care and understand thoughts of each other, so they will avoid quarrels successfully. In bedroom it can be not so brilliant, because of unruffled calm of both partners. Taurus as usual can move by way of diversity, but for Virgo star it will be the best thing to more active behavior. So if they both will be more playful in sexual relationship, there will be ok.


Taurus and Libra.


These partners are really almost the same. You can say that they both prefer to like and discuss very refined things, can keep relationship like almost lucky, but there are some differences too. Money can be cause of quarrels, because Libra star can watch over his appearance and Taurus thinks that is the wasting of time and money that is even more important than the time. Also the shocking behavior of the Libra star can annoy Taurus so much as possible. Taurus is also a little selfish about interests and Libra star can be angry by this fact, but it is important that Libra doesn’t want to be alone ever. So if Taurus wants to be alone, it is contrary to Libra’s needs. About sexual relationship – it will not to be boring if both partners love each other, because Libra star likes when he is being said pleasant things and Taurus star prefers activity mostly to his body. Libra has a lot of methods for keeping Taurus awake, and Taurus star knows about that.


Taurus and Scorpio.


It better to say that it is not the ideal couple but this is ideal ability for satisfying of each other’s needs. These stars are complete oppositions, so they are supplement partner by own streaks. Taurus as sign that is closer to material values can provide his family with money and all required for building a great future. In-turn, Scorpio can help Taurus to handle a lot of difficult situations connected to people around him. Both Scorpio and Taurus are hard to move and there easier to them to end that the turnabout will be made by someone else, not him exactly. If there is a quarrel, they both can turn this fight far enough and sustain a lot of things that cannot be sustained by the others stars in other combinations. Scorpio also helps Taurus open new sensitive horizons in sexual relationship, so there will be interesting union.


Taurus and Sagittarius.


As for long relationship this couple can have a lot of problems. Actually, they can be good friends, but there can appear some difficulties, when the case is in the sensitive relationship. Taurus basically likes to reach the best place – it happens soon enough – and stay there with his partner, but Sagittarius prefers to move on and not to stop, so it can be source of rude fights. They have to sacrifice in much things, and that process must last permanently as well. If Taurus and Sagittarius really want to be together, they have to understand if they are ready for going along with each other. Taurus have to learn how is it to go further and find out new interesting things every day and Sagittarius will understand what is the feeling of stability and protection from Taurus. Sexual life can be divertive too if they both want that as well. Wild style of Sagittarius will bring to Taurus a lot of new things and permanency of Taurus will be fascinated much.


Taurus and Capricorn.


This is really good combination. Taurus and Capricorn combine very well because of very compatible streaks. Taurus is actually the best partner for Capricorn because of his permanency and stability, while Capricorn star is the best for Taurus star as help for material values accumulating. There will be almost no quarrels because of absent causes for them. But if it will be happened, Capricorn will become more material and Taurus will be compelled to obey, even if it will be difficult. This is strange but neither Taurus nor Capricorn are not hot sexual partners, but their union is really explosive and full of sexual energy.


Taurus and Aquarius.


Strange couple, can be unlucky until they both will understand that each of then really desires to be together with the partner. Aquarius at the beginning of relationship always tries to wide Taurus’ mental outlook and Taurus in-turn wants to introduce Aquarius with material enjoyments of life. If the attention of Aquarius will switch to the wider public, the fights will start as well, because Taurus has an instinct that will dictate him selfish thoughts. Taurus prefers to support initiatives of Aquarius with emotional methods until Aquarius has enough money for it, when they are ended, conflicts will start too. As for sexual relationship, Taurus can teach Aquarius many things that Aquarius didn’t even hear about, however, Aquarius can teach Taurus too with initiation of some actions.


Taurus and Pisces.


This is good combination. Pisces need for partner, who you can rely for. Taurus is exactly such person, he also searches person like Pisces, so they both can easily find each other. However, Pisces has for Taurus things that can make interest for him, for example, see world around more poetical. Pisces’ tender feelings will bring Taurus a lot of new useful experience; by the way, this can be very interesting combination in the bedroom, like material view of Taurus and sensitive tender of Pisces. This can be an amazing period, but if Taurus will show his power – it will end very soon.

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