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So you dream to be a ladies’ choice and you don’t know what do you need for it? Read this article and you won’t have difficulties with women any more even if you don’t have a huge wallet or very good looks. And if you thought that those qualities are compulsory to pump feminine hearts you were wrong.

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Maybe appearance does matter but it simply can't replace a nice character. Appearance without a personality is like a flower without smell. If all it took was looks then every girl would only prefer the best looking guy but as we all know that's simply not true.

Pay attention to your personality more than your appearance. Did you ever think that when it comes to being a ladies’ man, your appearance doesn’t really matter too much? Girls notice your personality first and your looks only after that. A good character will get you any kind of a girl you want that’s why you need to work very hard on developing your character.

Also you should remember some other important things to become a knave of hearts. The main key to being liked by women is to first distinguish yourself from all the rest. And this means making several changes in your character which will make you more attractive to women.

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The very first of them is to stop chasing women. Make women chase you. A lot of men make this mistake. They think that if they chase a woman long and hard enough they will get her sooner or later. Well, that might work but not necessarily. A woman just may be annoyed by such a persistent fem follower. So that’s not the best way to act.

Men loved by women always make women chase them. You should try this tactics and see the result. One of the best ways to make women chase you is not making any attempts to impress them. Women prefer men who are special and not very easy to get. That’s why your first step will be to become that special hard to get man girls would want to be with. Women are used to being approached by different men and hearing the same old stories over and over again. Do not repeat another’s mistakes.

So if you manage NOT to be the guy who tries to approach women and get their attention it won't be long before you would become a real ladies man. Make them believe that you have more than enough options to choose from. When you act like this and show the world that you have a lot of girls around to choose from, women will automatically feel attraction towards you.

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This will work perfectly for your dating life just ‘cause such behavior will single you out from many ordinary guys and make you a special personality which will naturally attract a lot of women.


And the last but not the least. There is one more significant key you should use at any price. Do not put all your hope in one girl. The guys who are liked by women never pay all their attention to only one woman. They talk and make friends to as many women as possible. Since they don't give too much importance to one woman they automatically become wanted by a lot of women.

Author: Peter Teller

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